A Plaintive Plea

The pandemic has been raging for over a year now. Too many people have died. Lives and livelihoods destroyed. Economic disparities have become more pronounced. Politics has gone haywire, civility has been lost. Where shared misery once made people care for one another and help others, the lockdown has exacerbated division. People in their tribes war with other tribes. It has brought out the good in some people, but it has also revealed so much hatred and hypocrisy in the world. If a word can describe what has transpired, it would be this. Tragedy.

We have forgotten our shared humanity. An opportunity to gain empathy for others instead became a time where people fought for supremacy of their ideas. No one has a monopoly on good and bad ideas but the recent world has shown a distinct desire to reject everything that is outside one’s personal belief system. “If you don’t agree with me, you are my enemy. ” Once, such thoughts were the province of children, where this kind of thinking was snuffed out by responsible parents and guardians. Now, it is encouraged. In the media, in television, division and hatred is vilified, but only because it serves as a tool to point out how truly vile the other person, the other tribe is.

Can we just stop?

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