Music – A Pathway to Rediscovery

I have always loved music. My parents tried to get me to play the violin for years, but in my youth, my interest was in computers. The old Wang desktops we used in high school, with cassette tapes used for data storage. Then the TRS-80, first with cassettes, then floppy disk that held a fraction of what a modern USB flash drive holds. Programming was fascinating, but truth be told, I think I lost more sleep playing Sid Meir’s Civilization than I lost trying to finish and debug a program for work. Almost. Sometimes, you have to do what you have to do. There was a lot of pride taken when code comes together and it works the way you want it to work.

The thing was, and is, is that there are certain things in life that I enjoy as much. Photography. I love photography. Art. And music. It’s always there. In the foreground, in the background. The music in my mind. The music in my heart. It’s always there.

And now, through the Internet, I found a way to rediscover my past and enjoy some of the best vocal performances one can imagine. Almost half a century ago, my parents and I immigrated to this country. The United States truly is a land of opportunity that allows people, through hard work, to prosper and make a life for themselves. It’s been a busy half century and though it has been fruitful, I have seen my grandparents in the Philippines move on to their next adventure. My father and then my mother have passed away. I have memories, of times past, of walking by the sea in Cavite, with family in tow. I remember Manila in the Marcos era. Manila Bay still lapped its waves by the walls of McArthur Boulevard. Glimpses of one’s life, half forgotten. And now, through music, I begin to remember what once was. The rhythms of life encased in the cultures of Spain and the United States. The deep musicality of the people. The faith in an Almighty who guides us all.

So here are a couple of musical numbers from two fantastic artists. Morissette Amon and Gary Valenciano. The young prodigy and star in the making. The middle aged veteran who is the face of Filipino entertainment. Some of the music is of a religious bent. It is as it should be. The Philippines has one of the largest Roman Catholic populations in the world. And in song, one celebrates the joy of its culture. And remember.

Morissette Amon with a fantastic rendition of Could You Be Messiah
Daryl Ong and Morissette Amon with a fantastic cover of Calum Scott’s hit
Amazing Energy and Musicality
Gary Valenciano – Timeless Music for Today (and yesterdays and tomorrows)

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